Pet Spot™ Cat Litter Mat

Pet Spot™ Cat Litter Mat

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Say goodbye to messy litter tracked all over your home with the Pet Spot™ Cat Litter Mat!

Catch all the litter your cats track, effortlessly, so you can keep your home clean and litter free!

Engineered with a patented design, the mat catches 99% of tracking litter, quickly resolving a messy problem and keeping your home clean. Its slip-resistant bottom ensures it stays put, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your cat.

 Eco-Friendly Materials - Super soft & light EVA materials that are non-toxic, gentle, and safe for sensitive cat paws

✓ Easy to Clean - Dump the collected litter easily back into the litter box. Wash the mat with running water or use a vacuum

✓ Water/Urine proof - The mat doesn't allow any kind of liquid to soak through the bottom layer, saving your floor and leaves no odors

✓ Non-Slip Bottom - Keeps the mat in place through all the ins and outs that your furry friend does throughout the day

✓ Durable & Easy To Store -Tough washable materials that don't easily tear up and is also easy to store

Save Litter - Collects litter so you can dump it back in for re-use

Customer Reviews

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Jeffery Keebler

Absolute life saver! I have three cats so it can get pretty messy around the litter box. I was cleaning it up every single day and when I saw this, I knew I had to try it and I am so glad I did. No more mess!

Maxine Prowell

Can't believe how much litter this catches, cats are seriously MESSY!!! Wish I found this years ago!!!

Gwen Derkle

Great size, fits perfectly around the litter box. I think my cat likes the feeling of it too, she makes biscuits on it sometimes haha!

Savannah Williams

Got one to try it out and within a day came back and ordered two more. I seriously love these mats!! So simple yet saves me tons of time cleaning!

Barton Hilll

Probably my favorite pet related purchase. This is a must have! I tell all of my friends with cats to come to Pet Spot and get this mat ASAP!